Good Shepherd Mission

1 Kit Carson Drive Fort Defiance, Arizona 86504

Good Shepherd Mission sits on the Colorado Plateau in the high desert of Northern New Mexico, in the Four Corners area of the Navajo Nation. We were initiated as a medical mission in the 1880's with the first hospital to the Navajo. Today, we have 50 acres with beautiful buildings, a large organic/permaculture garden, and a historic church. We offer regular church services, retreats and mission group lodging, many social services and the Hummingbird Cafe, featuring Tribal Grounds Coffee. 

Shima' Soap

SHIMA' of Navajoland is the umbrella name for our agricultural businesses: natural soap using local herbs, honey from our pastures and blue corn products from our fields. All of these projects offer volunteer opportunities for community members and mission groups too. And Shima' means mother - our mother, our mother earth. We chose the name to show that we are working to preserve our beautiful earth and our natural resources, especially our water. 

The first part of the slide show shows our soap-making activities in the Power House. Young and old alike gather for the fun. Kids show up everywhere! After school, during the summer, and on weekends too. They help harvest the plants and pinion and help to cut and wrap the finished soap. We think they are our upcoming leaders in the soapmaking business! Come and help!

Blue Corn Project

Honey Project


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