Good Shepherd Mission

1 Kit Carson Drive Fort Defiance, Arizona 86504

Good Shepherd Mission sits on the Colorado Plateau in the high desert of Northern New Mexico, in the Four Corners area of the Navajo Nation. We were initiated as a medical mission in the 1880's with the first hospital to the Navajo. Today, we have 50 acres with beautiful buildings, a large organic/permaculture garden, and a historic church. We offer regular church services, retreats and mission group lodging, many social services and the Hummingbird Cafe.

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Lodging at Good Shepherd

Lodging at Good Shepherd

SHIMA' of Navajoland - Shopify

SHIMA' of Navajoland - Shopify

Good Shepherd Mission is part of the Episcopal Church in Navajoland Area Mission and the Southeast Region. We have three churches: St Mark's in Coalmine, NM and St. Joseph's in Many Farm, AZ. 

Ringing the Bell for Morning Prayer.

Good Shepherd Mission,  a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, was started in the 1880's as a medical mission to the Navajo. A pink stone and stucco building was built as the first hospital on the Reservation. Today - we have 50 acres in this high desert and canyon land, 12 buildings, most of them 100 years old, a large organic/permaculture garden that incorporated ancient Navajo gardening techniques, and a beautiful historic church - built out of that same pink stone. 

We have a devoted church community in the Episcopal tradition. We incorporate many elements of Navajo spirituality, including our version of the Blessingway Prayer - and are a destination for Mission groups and retreatants looking for beauty, quiet and harmony with the earth. 

Navajo Blessingway Prayer

Jesus Christ, young man chief, God’s almighty son,
Now I’ve made your offering, your smoke I’ve made

Today your child I became, today your grandchild I become
As you say to me I’ll do your commandments I will follow
Just as I pray to you, you do it. Watch over me.

You stand as my defense
In my defense stretch out your hand
Plead in my defense

From wood streams to me be peace,
From all growing things to me be peace,
From breeze courses to me be peace,
From passing rains to me be peace,
From passing thunder to me be peace.

Just by me, let dew fall
Just by me, let corn pollen form

Before me, peace
Behind me, peace
Walking a long life may I be,
Always in peace may I be,
Peace has returned,
Peace has returned.

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