Good Shepherd Mission

1 Kit Carson Drive Fort Defiance, Arizona 86504

Good Shepherd Mission sits on the Colorado Plateau in the high desert of Northern New Mexico, in the Four Corners area of the Navajo Nation. We were initiated as a medical mission in the 1880's with the first hospital to the Navajo. Today, we have 50 acres with beautiful buildings, a large organic/permaculture garden, and a historic church. We offer regular church services, retreats and mission group lodging, many social services and the Hummingbird Cafe.


What service project might you or your group do when you visit Good Shepherd Mission, or St. Mark's? Here is a list to inspire you!

GSM Garden: plant, weed, water, identify Native and other plants and grasses, help us set up bees and learn to work with them (and harvest honey), plant blue corn and the three sisters: corn/beans/squash, water in the greenhouse, juice some greens to share, help us set up a Waffle garden and planting in circles around "ollas," bring some ollas and place them in the garden, plant greens in the greenhouse, learn to "layer" the compost pile, go to a neighboring farm to get manure for the compost pile, set up water catchment system, clean up any litter that has blown onto the grounds, separate the recycling, carry compost buckets to the garden.

GSM Parish Hall: purchase and install treads for stairs, fix a couple of ceilings with new tile, repair crumbling cement at North and East entrances, set ceramic tile at North entrance (we have the tile), fix ceiling and floors of the "Sun Room," strip and refinish upstairs wood floors, reorganize the Sunday School room and set up Godly Play stories, repair crumbling exterior stucco and paint, paint door and window sills, add downspouts and rain barrels.

GSM Hummingbird Cafe: Replace roof, repaint wooden bridge and window sills, put down new wood floor, build beautiful shelving, set up patio in back next to adobe oven, build picnic tables, plant a row of herbs or strawberries on the patio, build out the kitchen area behind counter with stainless steel sink and work table.

GSM Utah Building: Paint a ceiling, floor or hallway walls, install wood stove, teach a cooking class, hang a picture of veggies or herbs,  bake a pizza for the community, bring a couch/futon and a chair or two.

GSM Ho'zho' Retreat House: Repair falling plaster (the roof has now been repaired so we can do this), bring some twin bed sheets (white) and pillows, paint peeling outdoor stucco, paint wooden roof overhang (short ladder).

GSM Old Vicarage: Open up door leading to master bedroom, install a closet kitchen, spiff up the laundry room, repair heaters, put foam around pipes and plumbing to prevent freezing, refinish wood floors. 

St Mark's (Coalmine NM): Finish out the Sunday  School room, install a heater in Sunday  School room, help us raise funds to build a hogan church.

St. Joseph's (Many Farms, AZ): Help us repair our hogan church: new roof, new sheet rock walls, and interior new wood stove, bring chairs, build an altar. 



hang out with us and have fun!





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