Good Shepherd Mission

1 Kit Carson Drive Fort Defiance, Arizona 86504

Good Shepherd Mission sits on the Colorado Plateau in the high desert of Northern New Mexico, in the Four Corners area of the Navajo Nation. We were initiated as a medical mission in the 1880's with the first hospital to the Navajo. Today, we have 50 acres with beautiful buildings, a large organic/permaculture garden, and a historic church. We offer regular church services, retreats and mission group lodging, many social services and the Hummingbird Cafe.


Hogans are the traditional 8-sided wood dwelling and ceremonial place. We are building our own traditional Hogan. and it is almost finished. We went to the mountains and cut the junipers, after we prayed over them. Then came the peeling and bark-stripping. The logs have to cure, then the building began. We hope to put the woven log roof on late this year. Stay in touch and see how it is going! 


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