Good Shepherd Mission

1 Kit Carson Drive Fort Defiance, Arizona 86504

Good Shepherd Mission sits on the Colorado Plateau in the high desert of Northern New Mexico, in the Four Corners area of the Navajo Nation. We were initiated as a medical mission in the 1880's with the first hospital to the Navajo. Today, we have 50 acres with beautiful buildings, a large organic/permaculture garden, and a historic church. We offer regular church services, retreats and mission group lodging, many social services and the Hummingbird Cafe.

  Sáanii Ajooba’

(Women of Kindness)

In the past, our mothers and grandmothers gathered at the Good Shepherd Mission and formed a sewing group. As children,  we watched our matriarchs as they sewed many colored remnants of fabrics together as their life flowed through their hands into a quilt to the people they loved.

The work of our mother and grandmother is very alive today and the artistic talent is still a thriving tradition and the transforming potential of using fragments to piece together a whole is especially relevant today with quilts, beadwork, painting crosses and sewing stoles. We're obligated to use these gifts as God would want. God gives us gifts not only for our pleasure, but for his pleasure and glory—which may bring us pleasure as well.

We are introducing our offerings of quilts, clergy stoles, and beaded hatbands, and much more to come!


 For more information about price and availability, please contact Weasie Belone at (928) 3102642. 



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